The role of migratory processes, cell-cell interactions, and naive T cell heterogeneity in orchestrating effective T cell immunity  

XYZ tracks of neutrophils migrating in a collagen gel towards a chemokine gradient

Confetti T cells migrating in microchannels

Lymph node: cyan (T cells), yellow (stromal cells)

T cells moving in collagen matrix: blue (nucleus), pink (tubulin), green (F-actin)

Lymph node high endothelial venules: green (stromal cells), blue & red (homing T cells)

Single activated T cell migrating in microchannel: green (F-actin)

Lymph node architecture: fibroblastic reticular network (white), DCs (green), lyve 1 (blue)

Lung infected with Cryptococcus neoformans: green (collagen), blue (yeast particles, DAPI)

Gene Ontology clusters from transcriptome of sorted CD5-hi naive T cells